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We are widely known as Masters of Tiling Repairs and Renovation. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of residential and commercial tiling, we offer a complete range of services. Whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, wall or floor, residential or commercial, indoor or outdoor we can handle every aspect of your tiling requirements. . Our Team is set up to tackle every aspect of the job, with confidence and self-belief. With some of the finest technicians to carry out the hands-on job, they are backed up by top-class engineers, and Designers, Artists, and Analysts attached to Labs where required and that’s where The Beauty of Tiling appears.

The Materials

If you want the best tiles and see the beauty of tiling then the Materials of Repair need to be the latest available, to impart durability of the repairs as a prime feature. Two of these materials are used primarily. The first is code-named TITEgrout and is a two-part Epoxy compound that has immense strength and wearability. Its hardness is often greater than the original tile material itself. It is completely leakproof and adds to the original flooring quality. It is impervious to normal corrosion, and to the domestic corrosive agents used. The second material is known as TITEflex and is used for perimeter sealing and lining, to seal in the repair work against any erosion or corrosion. Besides, special supplements are used to ensure that the repair work lasts almost forever.


Our service is widely popular all across Melbourne. With wide experience and expertise in the field, our skilled professionals can ensure to offer you a perfectly leveled floor every single time. We have worked on various complex projects and successfully accomplished them. Caulking and Screeding services for any and every application, right from a small scale self-builder to a large commercial space. Irrespective of the scale of your project, we can offer you quality service by using high-quality floor screeding products. We also bring immense installation skills to the table in order to deliver a professional level floor, right on the scheduled time, and customized budget.


Types of service

The budget depends on the type of service you need. If you are not sure which one to pick, feel free to avail of our consultation service. Our experts will inspect your space and inform which service is the most suitable for you.


Many people make the mistake of trying their inefficient hands to execute the job of waterproofing and ultimately end up wasting their time. Not only that, but they also have to be satisfied with an inferior quality result or hire professional contractors once again. Why waste time on doing the same thing twice when you can get it done at one-go! When you hire the experienced contractors from a premium waterproofing like Shower and Balcony Repairs, you can rest assured of quality service. We ensure that your home or industrial space and any commercial buildings are in the best of their conditions.

Expertise & Experience Rules Over All!

We are highly experienced and certified waterproofing contractors and we possess professionally trained and dedicated workers, who are always ready to offer you the best possible service. We regularly train our professionals so as to improve their efficiency and equiped them with the latest trends of waterproofing works.


Showers and Balconies have always held a special place in the hearts of aristocratic and artistic. Owners of chateaus and palaces, as the secret bowers of beautiful ladies and their handsome consorts. From ancient times, these places have been the centre of much intrigue and romantic interludes, and are often the artistic focus with their ornamentation. This makes the art and engineering of Perfect Renovation of Shower and Balconies the domain of real Specialists, and this is where we are the cynosure of all eyes.


The members of our Teamwork interconnectivity with the Customer to ensure that the work measures up to the full satisfaction of the Buyers. From the beginning, we work closely with our clients to understand their point of view, and to reciprocate our own understanding of the requirements. Our team includes some of the finest Technicians in the Business, as well as the early Experts of this esoteric line. The result is sheer magic.


Our aim is to recreate some of the most beautiful artefacts ever created, renovate Showers and Balconies to their former glory, and create works that can stand the test of time. But to this original creation, is added the modern design concepts in best possible way. Added to the modern comforts, which incorporate the latest innovations with electronic wizardry, and perfectly soothing lighting, even music becomes an automated accompaniment which becomes part of the overall design of the Shower and Balconies Renovation.


We are the foremost company in the business of Shower Repairs. Centered in the Business Capital City Dandenong. Our Company has spread its wings all around Victoria and is now poised to launch its highly praised services across the waters internationally. We are already the cynosure of eyes in the Building Trade in Victoria, known widely for our quality and expertise. Our care and service for the Customers in Victoria are already legendary. And so is our transparency and openness at every stage of the work done. Staring with Detection of the Fault, following up with the Shower Repairs service, with Additional features piled on at no extra cost to the Customer, and an unbelievable Guaranty as well as a Warranty, ours is a Company that looks after the Customer every step of the way.

The Repair Process

The Repair Process is done without removal of the Tiles in general, except for porous and defective tiles. The steps are as follows:
Full De Grout and Re Grout of all tiled areas: The first act of repair is the complete de grouting and then the re-grouting of the necessary surfaces.
Complete new Seal Process: The special two-part Epoxy Seal is then applied, to fully renovate the sealing process. Sealing of Exterior perimeter with Flexible Sealant: The Flexible Sealant finishes the job and ensures the work will stand undamaged for years to come.
Workmanship and Quality control Service: Our team of QC (Quality Control) Experts now take over, and carefully scrutinize the quality and durability of the Shower Repair done, and certify the work.


We specialize in the perfect balcony repairs, ancient or modern. The Balcony has always been a special feature of buildings over the ages. Even now, the most impressive high-rise towers and sky-scrapers add to their display with stylish balconies. In some of these buildings, the sheer height of the balconies, out-jutting in the still air at awesome angles at breathtaking altitudes, the Balcony is the main eye-catcher. Balconies are therefore always built with durability in mind. Other, lower level Balconies, are often intricately decorative, and sometimes with complex concepts of load-sharing. But, even, the best pieces of architecture weather with age, some more than others. While always irresistible to Visitors for their stunning viewpoint and elegance, Balconies can crumble with age, and even develop yawning cracks. They can then become dangerous man-traps. More than any other room of the house or apartment, it is the Balcony which often needs special attention and skill to upkeep. Balcony Repairs fall in a separate class of building repair-work and need a different class of Repairmen than other areas of Building Repair and Maintenance.

The Technique

The Company uses the latest repair technique. Watertite first strips the leakage area of the balcony completely, gutting it down to the tiles only. Other competing companies may not be so thorough, but we remove the complete Silicone Flooring and Grouting right around the Leakage Area, up to the ceiling if necessary. This thoroughness of our approach reveals the Leakage in its entirety, leaving no scope for any doubts. Fresh new Watertite products are then applied. The result is a Balcony that may be years old in reality but ends up looking Brand New.

The Revolutionary Product

The We Our real secret lies in our use of the epochal materials TITEgrout and TITEflex. TITEgrout is a stunning two-part Epoxy grout that is rock hard once it sets, with unbelievable durability, yet lightweight. This super grout is interlaced with our Movement Resistance, TITEflex, which has up to 25% elasticity. All this is done without the removal of the Tiles. This results in huge savings.


Regrouting Shower and Balcony are the places inside a house or a commercial place that flaunts the ultimate taste of the owner. No matter if it’s a home, a hotel, a shop, or a hospital, a neat looking aesthetically designed shower room or balcony can be a determinant of the overall image of the place. Our team of experts makes sure that no corner of your shower room remains beyond the scope of improvement and regrouting to ensure a completely revamped look of your bathroom or shower room. If you have been using the shower room for quite a while and pretty frequently, it is much likely that the thrust of the water drops falling from a height would deplete the grout material in between the tiles, and over time the floor would look, colorless, old, and untidy. Our services include a range of solutions to make sure that your shower assumes an entirely new look.

Whom Do We Serve

We serve whoever needs our services. It can be a shower room of a public swimming pool, a house, a hotel, or a commercial place. If you need our services, we shall always be more than happy to help. From buildings, residences to corporate offices, we keep our services available for everyone.